Welcome to Mas Zenitude.

We produce Ecocert certified organic and natural wines: Solstice, Zizanie, Roze, Equinox, Audace, and Vent d'Anges. We proudly practice a low intervention style of winemaking and are part of the Vinnatur movement that is introducing a new generation of enthusiasts to the time-honored tradition of natural wines.

Our wines are artisanal, fermented with indigenous yeasts and not filtered or fined. The results are exquisitely vibrant, aromatic, and distinctive wines that defy the shortcomings of modern assembly line wine production. These are, in short, wines as they were always meant to be.

The philosophy that guides Mas Zenitude is simple: “Work with the natural energies that create and maintain life.” We treat the soil as a living organism, one that we nourish, indulge, and support in supreme harmony with organic and biodynamic viticulture practices:

  • We do not use pesticides or artificial fertilizers
  • Our grapes are handpicked, sent to fermentation tanks by simple gravity, and pressed according to traditional methods
  • No additives or SO2 (sulfur dioxide) are ever used

Mas Zenitude is open for tours, visits, tastings, and even special events – we are very passionate about sharing our love of natural wines and exploring with visitors the traditional organic biodynamic processes that have led to a revival of interest in the Vinnatur movement.

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